a conversation between a doctor and a patient with her Brother about how to quit smoking

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a conversation between a doctor and a patient with her Brother about how to quit smoking

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B:patient's brother

D:Hi miss Jane , please site down.
P:Good morning doctor.
D:So you suffer from smoking and you can't stop it.
P:Yeah, I became addicted , I started smoking since I was 16.
D:It will be hard to neglect this habit, now you spent more than 10 years smoking.But I got some suggestions.
B:I adviced her to quit it when she just started , but I could not convince her.
D:Well it is okay.Jane, I advice you to practise much more sports , relax half hour every day in the morning .You better have to take care of meals , try to eat many type of naturel fruits , drink fresh water and of course dont forgot the orange juice for his healthy consequences.
B:She tryed to do that , but no thing better.
P:Yeah, I can't stop thinking of cigarets.People use the internet to have fun or to educate , but , I use it to search the news of smoking companies!
D:Oh my god! well ,what is your favorite hobby?
P:I like making cakes and cooking.
D:Then , I advice you to stay much more time in the kitchen , just try to create new plats and spend your time thinking of it , you will forgot smoking.You must buy this medecins and consume it regally like what i wrote in this paper. It render the cigaret gout bad , then it will reduce you consumption of smoke. After 2 months applying what i adviced you to do carefully , you will be better.
P:Okay doctor , thanks for your time , I will be back after 2 months.
D:Take care, good bye.


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